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What’s in the Air You Breathe Indoors?

At Getzschman Heating, our job is to make you as comfortable as possible in your home. That not only means temperature wise, but air quality as well. Do you often have itchy watery eyes? Headaches? Feel stuffed up? Breathless? Tired? Depressed? Did you know that all of these can be symptoms of bad indoor air? Dust, pollen and mold can collect in your air ducts and with every cycle of your furnace or air conditioner, they are re-circulated throughout your entire house. Most of the dirt that gets into your home never makes it out. In fact, of the possible 40 pounds that gets into the average home every year, up to 15 pounds can get trapped in your ductwork. And with dust, come dust mites.  

According to the American Lung Association, most people spend 60-90% of their time indoors. Most standard filters only catch 8-10% of the dust and irritants in your home. It’s no wonder people walk around feeling stuffed up and sick. Besides not being healthy, all that dust doesn’t do your system any good either. Dirty components make your furnace or AC work harder, reducing its efficiency and contributing to early system failure. There are a slew of good reasons to have your ductwork cleaned. Click here for $50 off our whole house duct cleaning service. Breathe easier with clean air ducts.

Furnace Tune-Ups – Are They Worth It?

Why get your furnace tuned up? It’s a legitimate question. Many homeowners ask themselves, “Is it worth it?” Well, there are actually three major advantages to getting your furnace tuned-up.

First of all it saves money. Yes, there is a cost involved. Our price is $89. But having an annual tune-up will help your furnace run more efficiently. When parts are cleaned, greased, tightened, replaced, etc, your system will be running with very little effort. This saves on utility bills. A system that is dirty and/or limping by will use much more energy and probably won’t perform well either. Your comfort will suffer as well. But besides that, catching a problem before it causes other bigger, more expensive problems is always the smarter move. For instance, maybe there’s a fan that’s loose. Left unrepaired, that fan can eventually come off and lodge in another part of the furnace causing the motor to overheat and requiring that both the fan and the motor be replaced. How much simpler would it have been to have a technician catch that and tighten a simple screw during a tune-up?
Secondly, regular tune-ups will prolong the life of your furnace. Obviously, when machines run more efficiently, there is less wear and tear on the individual parts. Furnaces are not cheap.
Get the most out of your system by taking care of it and having a professional check it out.
The third advantage to having a furnace tune-up is that you will avoid breakdowns. There is nothing worse than waking up freezing because sometime during the night your furnace stopped working. Or having a house full of people and a broken furnace. It seems like they always break at the most inopportune times. A tune-up is like an insurance policy against unexpected breakdowns. It’s not a guarantee, but it will undoubtedly lower the chances of a furnace problem.
And with Getzschman’s No-Risk Furnace Tune-Up, if your furnace breaks this winter, we will refund the full $89 or credit it toward the repair. No questions asked. So you really have nothing to lose.