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Living Green in Today’s World Does Not Have to Cost You Countless Greenbacks

Move over solar power – enter geothermal heating and cooling resources! Have you considered looking into some of the energy alternatives that are out there available for the comfort of your family and home? Believe it or not, there is more to alternative energy than just photovoltaic technology – in fact, using the earth’s core is a great way to conserve fuel costs while caring for our environment at the same time.

Until now, one of the biggest hurdles in getting homeowners to sign up for this fantastic energy source has been cost. While the reputation for such types of innovative heating and cooling methods is to be astronomical in price – the truth is that when you combine rebates, with government incentives and the basic savings from traditional energy resources – it all makes good financial sense.
Benefits of Converting Your Furnace & Air Conditioner to a Geothermal System
You can save up to 70% of your annual utility bills when harnessing the earth’s core energy to heat and cool your home.
Save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint as a result of using clean energy, directly accessed from the core of our earth.
Contribute to the environment in more ways than one; with geothermal energy there are no noisy outdoor units that clutter the atmosphere with unwanted noise pollution.
How Geothermal Energy Can Be Affordable Compared to Conventional Heating/Cooling Systems
Receive valuable tax credits from the government to help offset the costs of installing the geothermal systems. Credits of up to 30% significantly reduce the financial investment needed for a lifetime of clean, renewable and safe energy.
The City of Omaha provides a grant under the reEnergize Program, designed to encourage residents to engage in innovative methods of energy consumption. The savings add up to about $7,000 through this program.
Our own utility department, OPPD, will reduce the electrical rate during our coldest months plus issue a rebate of approximately $400 upon purchase of a geothermal heat pump.
Considering all the factors at hand, by instituting some of these programs and special incentives you can enjoy the many environmental and financial benefits of having geothermal energy in your home as compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.
If you have any questions about this amazing technology and how you can have it installed in your home, contact Corey our geothermal expert at Getzschman Heating. Call 402-554-1110 today!


May the Ugliest Contestant Win!

This September we kicked off a Facebook contest unlike any other.  We received dozens of applicants and boy, were they scary. Our contestants were old, ugly, and a bit out of date. Heck, you could even call some of them ancient.  A few were dented, the others were dirty, and several had just downright stopped working!  We’re talking about the furnaces entered in the 2012 Getzschman Ugly Furnace Pageant, of course. The contestant with the ugliest furnace would win a new furnace installed by Getzschman.
We received plenty of entries. After we narrowed it down to our top ten, a week-long voting period began.  Thousands voted and the race was on to see who would be crowned the winner of the pageant.  As the voting period ended, it came down to the wire for two of our contestants.  We deemed Katie W. the winner of our contest and were to award a second place prize to Josh M…but wait!
The next morning when our team got together to discuss the contest and the second place prize, our owners were so impressed with the amazing campaigns the top two put together that we crowned not one, but two winners; this meant we gave away and installed two brand new furnaces for the Omaha area homeowners.  The entire Getzschman Heating and Cooling team was excited to award two winners and now look forward to the 2013 Getzschman Ugly Furnace Pageant. 
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