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G-Force Money Saving Tips For Your Summer Vacation

You’re already going to be spending a lot while on vacation, so why let your Omaha area home continue to suck money when you’re not even there! Before heading out of town for a summer trip, make sure to follow these Getzschman Heating & Cooling tips and save big.

 Vacation Home Energy TipsAdjust Your Thermostat

Don’t turn it off completely. That will cause you to return to a stale and sticky home, and it could even cost you more! Turning your air conditioner off while you’re away for an extended period of time can cause your furniture and walls to absorb moisture and humidity, which can damage them, as well as tax your system even harder when you turn it on again. It can also cause that heat and humidity to seep into your refrigerator, making it work even harder to keep your food cool. For every degree a thermostat is raised during the summer, you can save 2-3 percent of your electricity bill.  The air conditioning technicians at Getzscman suggest adjusting your thermostat by raising the temperature 5-6 degrees. And be sure to use your programmable thermostat if you have one. You can adjust the temperature by date. That means you can come back to a comfortable home the day you return.

Learn how to use a programmable thermostat to save more regularly with this blog post: Set a Programmable Thermostat Like a Pro & See the Savings Pile Up.

Keep Blinds and Shades Closed

To keep your air conditioner working efficiently, close all the blinds and drapes in your home. They can help conserve heat energy by keeping the sun’s rays out of your home. This keeps your home from turning into a sauna while you’re gone, and doesn’t make your air conditioner work harder than it needs to. Government studies show medium-colored blinds or draperies with white-plastic backings can reduce heat gains by 33%. Closing blinds is also a good security measure so burglars can’t see into your home.

Turn Off or Unplug Electronics

Turn off all the fans, lights and electronics in your home when you leave, unless they serve a security purpose. Unplug all unnecessary electronics as well. If they are plugged in, electronics will still use some energy even if they are turned off. If you need to keep some lights on for security purposes, make sure to install compact fluorescent bulbs, which are more energy efficient and last a long time.

For more air conditioning tips or services, call the technicians you can trust at Getzschman at (800) 657-2158.

Get the Most Out of Your Omaha Home’s Air Conditioner

Does your home seem to have several climates as you walk from room to room? Are you cranking the AC, but not feeling any cooler? If this sounds like your home, you probably aren’t getting the most our of your air conditioning system. The Getzschman Heating & Cooling team has compiled a list of four ways you can make sure to get the most out of your air conditioning system this spring and summer.

Get The Most Out Of Your Omaha ACBe Wise About Where You Place Your Furniture

To get the most out of your air circulation, make sure your furniture isn’t blocking your air vents. Heavy furniture can block airflow coming out from vents, and can especially block air from re-entering your AC system. This will leave you with stagnant air that sits on the ground, which doesn’t do you any good. If your furniture isn’t the problem and your home still feels stuffy, you might have another issue and should call a technician to check it out and see if your air conditioner system needs repair.

To keep your ductwork clean and efficient, schedule a Getzschman technician to come to your home and perform our air duct cleaning services. It will keep your airflow consistent, and keep the air circulating through your home cleaner.

Keep Bedroom Doors Closed

If you live in a two-story home, make sure you keep your bedroom doors closed. Open bedroom doors will allow cold air to seep into the stairways and fall down to the main floor. Remember, hot air rises, and cool air falls. Keeping bedroom doors closed will ensure you stay cooler at night, which is proven to help you get a better night’s rest.

Change the Dampers in Your Ductwork

To keep your air conditioning system working as efficiently as possible, use the dampers in your ductwork to control the amount of airflow to specific rooms. Since we know cold air falls, you might want to open the dampers in your second and third-floor rooms, and close some of the dampers in your basement, or in rooms you don’t use much in the warmer months. This will ensure the cold air is reaching the rooms you use the most, keeping you more comfortable, and saving you money since your system will not be wasting energy cooling unused rooms.

To keep your AC system working more efficiently and save even more money read our blog post on setting a programmable thermostat the right way.

Use Ceiling Fans to Supplement AC

A great way to supplement your air conditioner, and save some money in the process, is by using your ceiling fans. Adjust your fans to spin counter clockwise, so it creates a downdraft of cool air. This will redistribute the cooler air, and keep the air circulating, making the room feel less stuffy. This one switch can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler, while using minimal energy.

For more air conditioning tips or services, call the technicians you can trust at Getzschman at (800) 657-2158.