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7 Reasons to Call Getzschman Heating & Cooling First

7 Reasons to Choose Getzschman Pic

You can’t control when your heating or cooling unit is going to have a problem but you can control which company to call. When your system breaks and it cannot be easily fixed, it’s time to call for help. Who better to call than the experts at Getzschman Heating and Cooling. There are several different companies in the Omaha area but not everyone can guarantee the quality service we can. Below are seven reasons to call Getzschman Heating & Cooling before you can anyone else.

More than 50 Years of Experience

In the 50 years we have been in business, we have practically dealt with all problems whether that be heating or cooling. We’ve seen every problem and know exactly how to fix them. No matter the size of the problem, we’ve got in under control. But the most important thing we have learned in our 50+ years of experience is how to treat our customers. We know customer service and that can be proven with over 5 decades of happy customers.

Same Day Service

Our “on-demand” service is available whenever you need us. Heating and Cooling problems occupy 98% of our “on demand” calls. Whenever you experience a problem, we are ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee because we are confident in our work. So confident we include our guarantee in writing. Our way of earning your trust is by giving you no reason to doubt us. We can also custom build your ductwork and offer a lifetime ductwork guarantee. With a company that has been in service for 50+ years, we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We care about your home, your comfort and satisfaction, which is why we don’t consider the job done until you’re 100% satisfied.

Real People Answer Our Phones

No automated phone conversations of us! We believe good customer service starts with real people and real interactions. When you call us, no matter what day or time, you’ll speak to a real person.

2-Year Guarantee on Installations

When it comes to installations, we offer our G-Force Exclusive “Two Year Test Drive”. Meaning, you can have us install a new G-Force system and you can take a “test drive” for two years with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. On the slim chance you are not happy with the system, we will make it right or give you your money back.

Extra Savings Opportunities

Join our G-Force Planned Maintenance Program, and it will save you money. This program prolongs the life of your equipment and will save you money on your energy bills. These members will get priority service, discount on repairs and guaranteed appointments. 

The Best Technicians

Our technicians are trained in furnace repairs, AC repairs, and customer service too. We want you to feel comfortable in your home while our technicians are there. They will never curse or smoke in your home and will wear shoe covers to keep your floors clean.

Bonus Reason: We Care about the Community and Environment

Our technicians are all trained and certified for the reclamation of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) to protect the environment. A few different groups we help in the community include, supporting the Boy Scouts, Care Corps Inc, Homeless Shelters, and Habitat for Humanity.

So, if you have a heating or cooling problem and want hassle-free repairs, installation, and maintenance, there’s only one company to call that will truly put you first – Getzschman Heating & Cooling. Call us at (402) 554-1110 or contact us online today!

3 Signs It’s Time for a New Furnace

Time For A New FurnaceThere will come a time in the life of your furnace when it makes more sense to replace your existing furnace than repair it once again. A furnace will last from 15-20 years with good maintenance, and you may be at a stage where it makes more sense, financially, to replace a dying, inefficient furnace. If you are unsure, the team at Getzschman Heating and Cooling created this list of three signs to look for.

1. Your Furnace Breaks Down Frequently

One of the first signs that a furnace will probably need to be replaced is that your furnace is breaking down all the time. If you are spending more time calling for repairs than you are enjoying a warm home, you probably need a new furnace.  

2. Your Heat Isn’t Warm Enough

Sometimes a furnace that needs to be replaced won’t be able to heat your home properly. If you have the heat turned up but you are constantly cold, the efficiency of your furnace may be way down. It is going to cost you a lot of money in fuel to try to heat your home to a comfortable level when your furnace isn’t efficient.

3. Furnace Repair Costs Are High

If your furnace is hitting the 15-year mark and your repair costs are going to be more than a third of the cost of a replacement, it’s time to cut your losses and go with a new furnace. While you might pay for just one more repair to get a little more life out of your furnace, a repair that is more than a third of the cost is not recommended once your furnace is close to the end of its life expectancy. Get a free quote to find out how much it will cost to repair or replace your existing furnace.

To make the right decision, it’s important to have your furnace tuned up to see how efficiently it is currently running. Getzschman Heating & Cooling can provide you with the professional opinion you need when it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace your existing furnace.

Call us today at (402) 554-1110 and schedule a tune-up to determine the efficiency of your current furnace. Or fill out our online Request Service form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule your furnace service.

4 Tips to Save You Money on Your Heating Bills

Save Money on Heating Bills

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the cold, harsh weather that comes with it – and the strain that can put on your heating bill. Don’t break out the long-johns just yet, however. By following just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to keep your home nice and toasty without causing your heating bills to skyrocket. Here are four tips that will help you keep your heating bills nice and low this winter.

Control Your Vents Wisely

One great way to save money on your energy bills is to close off the vents to any rooms you don’t use regularly. If no one’s spending time in that guest bedroom, spare office, or storage area, why heat them? By shutting those vents, you’re allowing your furnace to focus on the rooms that do need heat. That means it won’t have to work nearly as hard to heat those rooms properly.

In the rooms that you are using, you’ll want to make sure those vents are open all the way. Vents that are only partially open force your furnace to work twice as hard to reach the desired temperature, wasting energy and money. Make sure no furniture or rugs are blocking the vents to ensure maximum airflow with minimum effort.

Check Your Insulation

Old, worn out, or missing insulation can’t function the way it’s meant to, which means precious heat is escaping your home without your knowledge. If you haven’t had it checked or replaced in a while, now’s the perfect time to get that taken care of. Because heat rises, the attic is typically the biggest culprit when it comes to heat escaping your home. Make sure yours is properly insulated.

Don’t forget to check the insulation on your heating ducts, as well. If they aren’t properly insulated, then heat can escape before it ever reaches your vents. This results in lost efficiency, wasted energy, and higher bills. This is especially important in unfinished areas of your home like basements.

Seal Up Those Cracks

Just like missing insulation, missing or cracked seals around your home can either let your heat seep out or cold air creep in. By properly sealing up your heating ducts, caulking around your windows, and installing strips to cover any gaps in your exterior doors, you’re helping to keep the hot air in and the cold air out — where they belong. Even electrical outlets and places where pipes enter your home can let a lot of warm air leak out.

Let The Sun Shine In

Even if it’s below freezing outside, the sun can still provide a great deal of warmth. By opening your curtains during the day when it’s sunny, you can easily raise the temperature in your house without having to crank up the thermostat! When the sun goes down, close the blinds and curtains to keep that heat inside.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to reduce your heating bills this winter, but even following just these simple tips can help reduce your heating bills noticeably. If you need help with your furnace, please give us a call at (402) 554-1110 or request service online.

Like Saving Money? Join the G-Force Maintenance Club

G-Force Maintenance ClubAt Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning, we want every one of our customers to have a perfectly working furnace and air conditioner. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and machines wear out. However, if you get a furnace and AC tune-up every season, it will go a long way in preventing surprise breakdowns. One way to ensure you get your tune-ups every season is to join our G-Force Maintenance Club. Not only will you save on those tune-ups, but you’ll also get discounts on repairs year round.

Become a member of our G-Force Team and Save

There’s no good reason not to join our G-Force Maintenance Club. There are three levels you can choose from – Basic, Silver, and Gold membership. Even with the Basic, you’ll get savings on tune-ups and discounts on any repairs you may need all year long.

Silver and Gold Members Save Even More

With our G-Force Club Membership, the higher you go, the more benefits you receive.

Silver Club members get two free tune-ups every year, plus a 10% discount on new furnaces and ACs, a 10% discount on indoor air quality products, and a 15% discount on all repairs. You’ll also save $50 on our diagnostic fee and get guaranteed appointments in 24 hours.

Gold Club members receive 25% discounts on repairs, plus free diagnostics and guaranteed same-day appointments.

The G-Force Club Membership really is worth it. Never worry about your heating and cooling system again. Become a G-Force Club member and relax!

G-Force Maintenance Club Benefits

  • Energy Savings – Proper adjustment, lubrication, and servicing your furnace and AC systems keep it running at peak efficiency.
  • Reduced Repairs – Many times our servicemen will spot minor problems before they become major problems.
  • Preferred Customer – Get priority scheduling when you have a service call. Our dispatcher will work with your schedule for convenience.
  • Discount on Repairs – Receive a 15% discount on all labor and parts when repairs are required.
  • Competent Experts – A competent, factory-trained expert looks after your equipment to give you peace of mind.
  • 24-Hour Service – Our service department never closes. We are available 24 hours per day.
  • Automatic Renewal – We will automatically extend your service agreement upon expiration. You are always free to cancel our service at any time with no penalty.

Silver Club Membership

  • $50.00 savings on our normal diagnostic fee
  • Guaranteed appointments in 24 hours
  • Two free precision tune-ups included
  • 15% discount on all repairs
  • 10% discount on Indoor Air Quality Products
  • 10% discount on new heating & cooling equipment

Gold Club Membership

  • Free Diagnostic
  • Guaranteed same day appointments
  • Two free precision tune-ups included
  • 25% off on all repairs
  • 15% discount on Indoor Air Quality Products
  • 10% discount on new heating & cooling equipment

Ask our representative for a G-Force Membership Agreement. He has the prices and the simple one-page form or give us a call at (402) 554-1110 and we’ll get you signed up and saving money fast. Join our hundreds of G-Force Maintenance Club members today!

Getzschman Heating and Air Is Proud to Be a Part of the Fremont Community

Fremont CommunityOur fine city of Fremont was recently named “Community of the Year” by Nebraska Diplomats. The city of Fremont was recognized at the Nebraska Diplomats Greater Omaha Regional Economic Development Celebration on Tuesday, February 14th, for their achievements in community growth and business partnerships. Governor Ricketts attended the luncheon and presented the award to Mayor Scott Getzschman.

Mayor Getzschman Is Very Proud

“It was extremely exciting to be singled out for the award,” said Getzschman. “We have a great staff, city council, and planning department that have contributed, but we can’t do this without the support and collaboration of partnerships like Greater Fremont Development Council and the Fremont Chamber. We are excited for the citizens of Fremont who can be proud of their community’s achievements and this recognition.”

Fremont Just Keeps Getting Better

Downtown Fremont Nebraska

“I’m really excited for the community as a whole,” said Garry Clark, executive director of the Greater Fremont Development Council. “The community has seen several projects take place in 2017 including efforts towards housing and infrastructure, and new companies that have landed here like the Costco|Lincoln Premium Poultry processing plant and most recently, Legacy Post & Beam. The future of Fremont is strong and vibrant. We are grateful for the governor and the Nebraska Diplomats’ recognition.”

The Nebraska Diplomats is a non-profit corporation that travels the globe representing Nebraska. They are the largest economic development organization in the state that helps to foster the growth of Nebraska.

At Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re proud to be a part of this wonderful community of people. Congrats to all the folks who live here for helping to make it great!

Clever Ways to Hide Your Ugly Furnace – A Pictorial Guide

One look and it’s clear, furnaces were not designed with beauty or aesthetics in mind. They are designed for one thing – creating warm air and blowing it throughout your home. To their credit, they do that quite well. But we hear many customers complain that they wish there was a way to hide their furnaces. They just don’t add anything to the decor when you finish a basement or laundry room and they stand there like silent sentinels bent on ruining your otherwise beautiful space. Well, never fear. There are some clever ways to camouflage that dutiful piece of home equipment. We scoured Pinterest to share some of the best with you here. Read on to find several surprising solutions for hiding your furnace.

Check the Clearance, Clarence

You may be concerned about how much room you should leave around your furnace for safety and access. It is, first and foremost, a machine made to create and supply hot air to your home. Fortunately, most furnaces don’t need a lot of extra space. Clearances for combustibility safety can be less than six inches. Remember, though that you must have adequate working space of roughly two feet around the furnace so it can be repaired or replaced when necessary. If the furnace room will have less than 100 square feet of free area, you will need to let air in. Grills or louvered doors are great options.

Curtain Call

Water Heater CurtainYou don’t have to spend a lot of money. For a fast fix, simply find curtains that complement your decor and hang them in front of or around your furnace. Voila! You just went from hideous to hidden for less than $20. For the fastest and cheapest way to hide a furnace, simply install a decorative curtain around it.



Clever Closets

If you are finishing your basement and building walls, incorporate a small area to enclose the furnace, AC, and or water heater. These louvered doors provide great ventilation. Another option is to create a set of built-in shelves in the door that don’t even look like a closet. Tuck it away and never have to look at it again.

Clever Results

Clever ClosetsClever Closets 3

Incorporate It into the Design

Not all furnaces are neatly tucked into a corner area. Many times, they are smack dab in the middle of your space. Don’t let that deter you from using the space the way you want. Check out these solutions that will have your guests saying, “Furnace? What furnace?”

Incorporate in Design








As you can see, you have many options to choose from. From simple to stylish, we hope one of these ideas inspired you to find a solution to your heater hiding woes.

At Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning, we want to make your life better. If you need any kind of help with your furnace or air conditioner, give Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning a call at (402) 554-1110 or contact us online on our home page.

9 Little-Known Tips to Reduce Your Winter Energy Bills

Reduce Winter Energy BillsSure you set your programmable thermostat down when you’re away, shut off registers in unused rooms, and change your furnace filter monthly, but there are some less obvious energy saving actions that the average homeowner doesn’t know about. Since the winters here in the Omaha area can get pretty brutal, the team at Getzschman Heating and Cooling wanted to share these less-than-obvious tips to help lower your energy bills as much as possible. See which ones you didn’t know about.

  1. Lock Doors and Windows –  Everyone knows to insulate around your doors and windows because they are one of the worst offenders when it comes to air leaks. But what most people don’t know is to make sure those windows and doors are also locked. Even when doors and windows are closed, they might not be pressed tight against the weatherstripping. Locking them ensures that the seal is as tight as possible so warm air cannot escape.  

  2. Check Your Door’s Threshold – Simply adding caulk or weather stripping to doors is good, but check underneath your door. If you can see any light from outside, you may need to adjust your door’s threshold. Most thresholds have screws that can be adjusted. Turn the screws counterclockwise to bring the threshold up. Adjust it until it’s snug, but If the door drags on the threshold, you may need to lower it just a bit so you don’t wear out the weather strip on the bottom.

  3. Don’t Run Exhaust Fans Any Longer Than Necessary –  If you run kitchen or bathroom fans, make sure to turn them off as soon as possible. Not only do they remove steam and odors, they take the heat with it.

  4. Don’t Waste Heat That You Created – Take advantage of any residual heat you create inside the house from everyday activities like cooking or showering. Don’t keep heat trapped inside the appliance or the room. Open the doors and let that extra heat (and moisture) spread throughout the rest of your house.

  5. Outlets Let Air Out – Most homeowners never think about their electrical outlets and switches on the walls. Almost all of these have small gaps around them that allow air to escape. Filling those gaps with caulk or expandable foam sealant will keep the air inside. You can also purchase foam gaskets over the outlet or switch before you replace the cover to further insulate it. Those outlets and switches will be there forever and this small improvement will help save energy year round.

  6. Pipes, Gas, and Electrical Lines – Just like electrical outlets, areas on exterior walls where plumbing pipes, gas pipes or electrical lines enter your home also have gaps around them where warm air escapes. Use expanding foam to fill these holes. Bonus: This will keep mice and bugs out too!

  7. Seal and Insulate the Attic Door – This is one place that is often overlooked even if the attic has been professionally insulated. Warm air rises and will easily escape into the attic through an attic door that is not insulated. Check your door and make sure it forms a good seal when it is closed and add weather stripping if it doesn’t. Attach fiberglass insulation to the back of the door to close this large thermal gap.

  8. Seal Your Ductwork – Have you ever walked your ducts to see if there are leaks, holes or poor connections? Most homeowners haven’t. A typical home can lose 20 – 30% of the air in the system to these leaks when heated air escapes into unheated areas like the basement. Seal any leaks with metal tape. (Don’t use duct tape as, despite its name, it is not the best tape for this job.)

  9. Consider a Furnace Tune-Up – A tune-up is a great idea. Not only will it protect your family from carbon monoxide leaks, but it will ensure your furnace is running at peak efficiency saving you money on heating bills.

We hope some of these tips help you save the maximum amount on your winter energy bills and your summer cooling bills as well. If you would like to schedule a furnace tune-up, just give us a call at (402) 554-1110 or contact us online on our home page. Look for money-saving service coupons on our website.

6 Simple Questions to See if It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

When Is It Time To Replace FurnaceUnfortunately, like all mechanical things, furnaces only last so long before they need to be replaced. The lifespan for the average furnace is roughly 12-15 years. Sure, you can keep limping along, but at some point, repair costs, inconvenience, or high energy bills are going to make you pull the trigger and replace your furnace. The problem is, it’s hard to tell exactly when that time is. The team at Getzschman put together this simple list of questions you can answer to give you a better idea of whether or not you can limp on through this winter, or it makes more sense to buy a new furnace. Answer the six questions and see where you stand. If you check off more than three, it’s time:

Decide the Fate of Your Furnace

  • Is your home more than 12 years old?  If it is, and you have not replaced your furnace yet, it’s likely your system is nearing the end of its lifespan. Most systems only operate efficiently for 12-15 years before they need to be replaced.
  • Have you had to repair your system more than once over the last 5 years? Annual maintenance is fine, but if you’ve had more than one major repair to your furnace system in the past 5 years if could be a sign of trouble.
  • Is your furnace warranty expired? Most furnace warranties only cover your system for 5-10 years. Once the warranty expires, repairs can become extremely expensive. At that point, you could be putting that money you’re spending on repairs toward a new, high efficiency furnace that will save you money on energy bills.
  • Are your utility bills continuously increasing every year? Your furnace and air conditioning systems are the biggest consumers of energy in your home – they account for roughly 48% of your energy costs. As your system ages and becomes less efficient, it also can hike up your energy bills.

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  • Does your furnace seem to run nonstop? Older systems become less efficient over time, which means they must work harder and longer to maintain the temperature that the thermostat demands. This results in higher utility bills.
  • Does your home have hot spots and cold spots? Older systems weren’t necessarily designed to keep every room comfortable. Two-story homes are especially difficult to keep warm and cool. The upstairs stays warm in the summer and the downstairs is always chilly in the winter. Newer systems have technology available to even out the temperature in your home.

Did you reply yes to more than three questions? It’s time. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re without heat in the dead of winter. We recommend upgrading sooner rather than later both for comfort and for energy savings.

Learn more about your furnace replacement options and if you need to replace your furnace now. Give us a call at 402-554-1110 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to explain your options and give you a free estimate.

Furnace Noises – Your Furnace Is Talking, But What Is It Saying?

Furnace Noises And What They MeanEvery year, we get phone calls from homeowners here in the Omaha area asking about a variety of furnace sounds and if there is cause for concern. Well, luckily, here at Getzschman Heating and Cooling, we speak furnace. We’ve put together this list of noises your furnace can make and given you an explanation for each one as well as a concern level. Just like when you wake up from a long nap, you may make some strange sounds – grunts, groans, yawns and squeals – your furnace does the same thing. Here are some sounds to listen for:

Furnace Noises

We’ve broken them down into normal noises and noises to be concerned about:

Normal Furnace Sounds

  • Chirp – Chirping sounds are fairly common. It’s usually the natural noise of the mechanisms.
  • Rattle – Rattling noises usually happen when the system is cooling down and it’s not generally cause for alarm.
  • Hum – This is usually a sound that happens when the furnace burner lights. It can be followed by a click.
  • Crackle – Crackling noises may be the metal parts cooling down after the furnace shuts off.
  • Ping – This sound can also be caused by contracting and expanding ducts.

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Noises to Be Concerned About

  • Boom – These sounds are usually your ductwork expanding and contracting with the changes in temperatures throughout the seasons. But, if this happens and your furnace smells like it’s burning, you might have a dirty burner in your furnace or a defective gas valve. Have a professional check it out.
  • Screech – This could be a problem with your motor or fan belt. Call a pro before you have a bigger problem.
  • Whine – Whining or odd vibrating noise may indicate a problem with your system. Call in an expert.
  • Clunk – Clunking or bumping sounds often mean you have a cracked belt. Fix it immediately.

If you hear strange noises coming from your furnace, or you notice your furnace is not keeping up with your thermostat setting, give us a call. We’ll send one of our technicians out to take a look. We’re available 24 hours a day for emergency service. Just give us a call at 402-554-1110 or contact us online.

Top 7 Easiest Energy Saving Tips


When the outside temperature drops extensively your heating system works nearly twice as hard to keep you comfortable. This means you see a huge spike on your energy bills. Sounds like an unavoidable expense right? Wrong. While your bill might rise up a little, it doesn’t have to skyrocket. There are things you can do to keep your bill from breaking the bank. Below you’ll find seven winter energy saving tips that can help you keep your bill normal, even when they weather significantly dips.

Lower the Thermostat at Night

The U.S. Department of Energy tells us that you can save around 10% per year on heating bills by turning your thermostat down somewhere between 10-15 degrees for eight hours. That might sound drastic, but during the night, when you’re bundled up with blankets that trap in your body heat, you don’t need the thermostat cranked up to its normal temperature. If you can’t lower it that drastically, that’s fine. Just do what is comfortable. If you have a programmable thermostat, simply program the heat to rise back to a comfortable level when you get up. That way you can enjoy the cozy warmth of blankets at night, and you won’t even notice the drop in temperature when you get up in the morning.

Use the Sun to Your Advantagesun-shining-with-a-face

During those days when it’s cold outside but the sun is still shining, take advantage of the free heat. Open your curtains wide and bask in the warmth it provides. While it’s likely not enough to keep your room warm on its own, it can certainly help take some of the strain off of your heating system.

Add Moisture to the Air with a Humidifier

Have you noticed that your hair and skin is drier during the winter months? That’s because during the winter the air can become very dry. Moist air feels warmer, which is why you always feel so hot during days with high humidity. During the summer that can make you very uncomfortable, but during the winter it’s a blessing. The easiest way to increase the moisture inside your home is to use a humidifier. This will increase the comfort level in your home, allow you to lower your thermostat, and help your skin and hair to normalize a bit.

Add Insulation

So much money is wasted every year by homeowners who heat their home only to have it escape because their home isn’t properly insulated. Insulating the areas that heat can easily escape from is a key part of saving you money on your energy bill. It does no good to fill your home with warmth if it’s just going to get out. You’re throwing money away and overworking your furnace in the process.

Seal Air Leaks

Again, it does no good to add warmth to your house if it’s not going to stay inside. Check your windows and doors for cracks that need to be filled in. They’re huge money wasters, sucking your hot air out while letting the cold air into your house. Repairing any cracks or gaps in your doors and windows could save you big when it comes to your next energy bill.

Dress Warmer

The cozier your hoodie or pajamas are, the less heat you’ll need blowing through the vents in your house. Keep a few throw blankets on the couch, wear fuzzy socks or slippers, and break out the flannel pajamas. You can set your thermostat down a little lower when you create a cocoon of warmth around your bodylittle-boy-bundled-up-cold-winter-weather.

Don’t Waste Heat

If there are rooms in your house you don’t spend much time in, don’t waste energy heating them. Close and seal off vents to spare rooms and storage spaces and focus on keeping the rooms you frequent heated instead.

Use these helpful tips to ensure your energy bill doesn’t increase drastically just to keep you comfortable. For more heating and cooling information, or to schedule a furnace replacement, cleaning, or humidifier installation call us at (402) 554-1110 or contact us online today!