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Best Furnace and AC Installation in Omaha

Best Omaha, NE Furnace & AC Installation

Getzschman Heating and Cooling has been in business for over six decades. Today we are one of Nebraska’s premier heating and air conditioning repair and installation companies. When this business was started in 1960, so was a strong family commitment – a commitment to excellence. We take pride in our name and we realize that our reputation is at stake each and every day. We have made it our goal to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. To make that happen, we offer many advantages that our competition can’t or won’t. 

Benefits of Getzschman Furnace and AC Installation

When you choose Getzschman Heating and Cooling to install your new air conditioner, furnace or heat pump, you get a lot of perks. We didn’t become Omaha’s favorite heating and cooling company by accident. We know what our customers want and we strive to over deliver. When you hire us to install your AC, furnace or heat pump, you’ll get these perks automatically:

  • Free Installation Estimates – First of all, we give free estimates on equipment replacement days or nights any day of the week for your convenience. We work around your busy schedule. 
  • Two-Year Guarantee – We offer our G-Force exclusive Two Year Test Drive. After we  install a new G-Force system, you can take a “test drive” for two years. On the slim chance you are not happy with the system, we will make it right or give you your money back. 
  • We Inspect Your Ductwork – Our comfort specialists will analyze your home and recommend the best high-efficiency system. They will choose the correct size and check your ductwork as well to make sure your heating and cooling system is operating at peak efficiency. 
  • Performance Guarantee – Because we are choosing the correct system for your home, we can offer a performance guarantee in writing. You can trust that your system will work as promised and keep you comfortable all year round.
  • Easy Financing – We handle all of your financing needs to make a new furnace, AC or heat pump fit easily into your budget.  
  • 24-Hour-Service – We offer repair service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
  • G-Force Membership – We offer a G-Force Membership Agreement that prolongs the life of your equipment and saves you money on your utility bills.

When you select Getzschman Heating and Cooling to install your furnace, AC, or heat pump, you not only get quality products, you also gain a special status among all the customers we serve. You become a preferred member of our G-Force Membership V.I.P. client list. This special honor entitles you to additional benefits during the entire future of our business relationship. And as that relationship develops, we will constantly search for new and better ways to serve you personally.

When you need a new furnace, AC or heat pump, look no further than Getzschman Heating and Cooling for the best AC and furnace installation in Omaha. Call us for a free installation estimate.

4 Ways to Save on Heating Bills That Cost Nothing

Having a nice cozy home is wonderful during the cold Omaha winters, but paying big heating bills…not so wonderful. The team at Getzschman has you covered! Here are some simple tips that will save you money on your winter heating bill, but cost you absolutely nothing. Try these tips for a comfortable yet affordable winter season this year.

1. Set Your Programmable Thermostat for Maximum Savings
Your  programmable thermostat is your most important tool for lowering your utility bills. What’s great about it is that you can set it and forget it and it will continue to save you money all season. Surprisingly, many homeowners don’t know the best way to program it. In the winter, you should set the temperature a bit lower to keep the house cooler. This is especially true during periods when you’re out of the house or asleep. This can add up to 16 hours a day if you work out of the home.

You can compensate for cooler temperatures at night with flannel sheets, extra blankets, and warmer pajamas. Aim to maintain set temperatures for at least eight hours at a time. This is the most efficient way for your furnace to operate. It’s easy to program it to come on an hour before you get home from work so it’s nice and comfortable. And don’t worry if your thermostat is set lower and you are home unexpectedly. They all have an easy override feature that automatically resumes the regular schedule at the next cycle, so it’s easy to change on the fly!

2. Change Your Air Filter
All of the air in your home has to cycle through the air filter. When the filter is clean, it takes less energy for the furnace to pull air through. A dirty filter results in higher energy bills. Check your air filter once a month. If you can see a visible buildup of dust and dirt, change the filter immediately. Swap your air filter for a new one at least once every three months. This doesn’t take much time. Mark a reminder on your calendar so you don’t forget each month.

3. Make Damper Is Closed in Your Fireplace
A fireplace feels cozy when you use it, but it’s not very efficient. When not in use, it can be extremely inefficient if you leave the damper open. All of the warm air in your home will escape right up the chimney flue. Because it’s out of sight, many people forget about it and leave it open costing them precious warm air all winter long. Make sure yours is closed.

4. Use Window Coverings Wisely
Don’t forget to take advantage of Mother Nature. Your windows can provide a wonderful source of warmth when you use them properly. On sunny days, open the curtains on south-facing windows to allow the sun’s warmth to shine in. Keep the curtains closed on other windows to stop warm air from escaping. Close all the blinds and curtains at night to keep warm air in. It’s that simple.

Bonus Tip: Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Our fifth and bonus tip is not free, but a very good idea regardless, so we didn’t want to leave it off the list. Your furnace is more efficient when it’s well maintained. You should schedule a furnace tune-up once a year. The best time for this is in early fall. That way, you won’t turn your system on when it gets cold and find out it doesn’t work. During a tune-up, your system is thoroughly cleaned which helps it run more efficiently, loose parts are tightened, moving parts are lubricated, electrical connections are double checked and your furnace will run at peak efficiency. In addition to lowering your heating bill, this will also help prevent repair calls and extend the life of your system.

If your heating bills seem extremely high and you have an older system, it may be time for a new one. Upgrading to a new furnace could instantly decrease your energy expenses. Contact Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning and we’ll be happy to take a look and discuss your needs.

What to Expect from Your Furnace in Subzero Temperatures

Your furnace works hard all winter long, but when temperatures dip below zero, what can you expect from it? Will it be able to keep your Omaha home warm enough. What’s normal? Should it run almost constantly? We answer these questions below so you know what to expect during a cold snap.

  1. Properly sized and installed furnaces are designed to maintain a 70-degree temperature difference. That means that if it’s 0 degrees outside, your furnace should be able to keep your home at 70 degrees.If it drops below zero, it may have trouble keeping your home at the desired temperature. 

  2. Even when temperatures plunge below zero outside, the structure of a home has “thermal mass,” which resists temperature change. This means that in below-zero weather the heating system will often still be able to keep the desired temperature inside.

  3. When the outside temperature is in single digits your furnace will run close to 60 minutes per hour. It will either run continuously, or it will shut off for a short time period and then come back on for long cycles.  This is normal, and it is okay.

  4. Because of thermal mass, if you know there is a cold spell coming, you can overheat your home by bumping up the temperature before it drops outside and it will help to keep your home warmer for a while. 

  5. If you use supplemental heat (like an electric heater) don’t use it near the main system thermostat. This may cause the thermostat to assume the entire house is warmer than it is and it will shut off too soon.  

  6. A fire in the fireplace sounds cozy and you might think it adds heat, but fireplaces are notoriously inefficient. It will actually draw a lot of heated air out of the house. Make sure your damper is shut when there is no fire burning to keep air from escaping through the flue. 

  7. Don’t forget that your furnace can only provide so much heat, so if you have water pipes on outside walls, in attics, garages, or crawl spaces, make sure they are insulated or have electric heat tape on them. Also, you can open bathroom vanity doors and doors under the kitchen sink to allow room air to circulate near the water piping and keep it from freezing. You can leave your faucets on a slow drip overnight when temperatures are the coldest and the moving water will help keep it from freezing solid. This works for both cold and hot water taps. 


If you have concerns about your furnace, call our expert technicians. They can answer your questions, give you peace of mind and fix any problems you may be experiencing. Don’t forget that we get very busy during extended cold snaps as older furnaces tend to fail, so don’t wait. Call the G-Force team. We service all makes and models and we are here for you 24 hours a day!

2 Easy Steps to Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon Monoxide Warning Sign

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports at least 430 people die in the United States from uncontrolled Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. These deaths come from non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning. This can be from faulty consumer products. As winter continues, it’s important to make sure your family is safe. You can do this in a few different ways. The experts at Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning will break it down for you below:

Step One: Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Step one is the most important step and is often overlooked. Installing a carbon monoxide detector can monitor the levels in between furnace tune-ups. These will notify you anytime there is a CO leak in your living space. CO leaks can happen from a few different things, for example, cracked heat exchangers. Since homes are now more airtight than they used to be in the past a CO leak could spell disaster for you and your family. Death isn’t the only outcome for CO leaks, they can also cause headaches, nausea, and many other symptoms.

Step Two: Get an Annual Furnace Tune-up

An annual furnace tune-up from a trusted professional is your best line of defense against carbon monoxide poisoning. Our experienced technician will check every part of your furnace to make sure it’s in great condition and safe for you and your family to use. This process ensures that any CO leak will be fixed and they will also fix other minor issues that could cost you in heating bills.

Other Sources of Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

While the most common source of carbon monoxide comes from your furnace, it isn’t the only way it can enter your home. Here are some other items that can release deadly carbon monoxide gas into your home: 

  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Gas Stoves/Ovens
  • Fireplaces (gas and wood burning)
  • Water Heaters
  • Dryers
  • Wood Stoves
  • Generators
  • Running Vehicles

With the installation of a carbon monoxide detector, you’ll never have to worry about the deadly gas harming you and your family again. The way this detector works is by alarming a sound when there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. Rest easy knowing that you and your loved ones won’t experience pain or loss from this silent killer.

If you haven’t had your furnace tuned up this year, don’t wait! Give the team of experts at Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning a call at (402) 554-1110 or contact us online to schedule a tune-up today!

Why are High Efficiency Furnaces Better?

energy efficient homes with high efficient furnaces

Everyone’s heard of high efficiency furnaces, but does anyone know what makes them so much better? First of all, a high-efficiency furnace understands how to use the gas more efficiently. They measure this efficiency with the AFUE rating which stands for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. The Department of Energy calls any unit with an AFUE of 90% or higher, a high-efficiency furnace. Our experts here at Getzschman compiled a list of improvements that make these furnaces more effective than others: 

High Efficiency-Furnaces Improvements

  • Combustion Fuel: This is how the air mixes with the fuel. High-efficiency models feature “sealed combustion” which mixes the air with the fuel at a controlled rate in order to maximize the heat from the fuel.
  • Condensing Gas Furnaces: Exhaust gases run through a second heat exchanger to remove and use all available heat that would otherwise be exhausted. This allows them to pull out nearly all of the heat and only leave behind the condensed water that is drained off. 
  • Two Stage Gas Valve: Gas valves have also seen improvement. This two stage gas valve will quickly heat up the furnace while dropping to more of an energy conserving flow.
  • Variable Speed Motors: This will help save on electricity. Instead of the furnace going on and blasting the home with hot air for a short time and then turning off, variable speed motors run the blower for longer periods at lower speeds. Not only does it use less energy, it‘s quieter and your home stays more comfortable.
  • Electronic Spark Ignition: This takes place of a pilot light that is constantly on, the electronic spark ignition fires the furnace on demand.

The top-of-the-line models are the most efficient and can interact with a thermostat and adjust furnace output and blower speed accordingly. Some models are up to 98.2% efficient.

Once you have a high efficiency-furnace you will see a significant reduction in your energy bills. The exact amount of saving you will experience varies depending on the furnace you choose and the overall efficiency of your home. In general, you can expect to get your investment back in energy savings in 5-10 years. Call Getzschman or schedule an appointment online and we can help you figure out which system makes the most sense for your home.

How to Save Money: Join the G-Force Maintenance Club

G-Force Maintenance Club

Here at Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning, our goal is for every single one of our customers to have an efficiently working furnace and air conditioner. Unfortunately, as HVAC units age, wear and tear is bound to happen. However, if you get a furnace and AC tune-up each and every season, you can not only improve the longevity of the unit but also prevent any surprise breakdowns. That’s why we present you with the opportunity to join our G-Force Maintenance Club. Our Maintenance Club provides many benefits as well as discounts on repairs year around!

Become a member of our G-Force Team and Save Big

We cannot think of one reason not to join our G-Force Maintenance Club. You have 3 options to choose from — Basic, Silver, and Gold memberships. Even our basic option allows you the opportunity to save big on tune-ups and discounts on any repairs. 

G-Force Maintenance Club Benefits

  • Energy Savings – Proper adjustment, lubrication, and servicing your furnace and AC systems keep it running at peak efficiency.
  • Reduced Repairs – Many times our servicemen will spot minor problems before they become major problems.
  • Preferred Customer – Get priority scheduling when you have a service call. Our dispatcher will work with your schedule for convenience.
  • Discount on Repairs – Receive a 15% discount on all labor and parts when repairs are required.
  • Competent Experts – A competent, factory-trained expert looks after your equipment to give you peace of mind. 
  • 24-Hour Service – Our service department never closes. We are available 24 hours per day.
  • Automatic Renewal – We will automatically extend your service agreement upon expiration. You are always free to cancel our service at any time with no penalty.

Silver and Gold Members Save More Money

With our G-Force Club Membership, the higher you go, the more benefits you receive.

Silver Club Membership

Silver Club members get two free tune-ups every year and will also get a 10% discount on new furnaces or air conditioners. As if that isn’t enough, they will also get a 10% discount on air quality products and a 15% discount on all repairs. Silver club also guarantees appointments in 24 hours.

  • $50.00 savings on our normal diagnostic fee
  • Guaranteed appointments in 24 hours
  • Two free precision tune-ups included
  • 15% discount on all repairs
  • 10% discount on Indoor Air Quality Products
  • 10% discount on new heating & cooling equipment

Gold Club Membership

Gold Club members all get 25% discounts on repairs and guaranteed same-day appointments.

  • Free Diagnostic
  • Guaranteed same day appointments
  • Two free precision tune-ups included
  • 25% off on all repairs
  • 15% discount on Indoor Air Quality Products
  • 10% discount on new heating & cooling equipment

The G-Force Club Membership really is worth it. Never worry about your heating and cooling system again. Become a G-Force Club member and relax! If you are interested in becoming a member, ask our representative for the pricing. Signing up is quick and easy, all you have to do is fill out a form. Give us a call if you have any questions at (402)554-1110. Join our hundreds of G-Force Maintenance Club members today!


7 Reasons to Call Getzschman Heating & Cooling First

7 Reasons to Choose Getzschman Pic

You can’t control when your heating or cooling unit is going to have a problem but you can control which company to call. When your system breaks and it cannot be easily fixed, it’s time to call for help. Who better to call than the experts at Getzschman Heating and Cooling. There are several different companies in the Omaha area but not everyone can guarantee the quality service we can. Below are seven reasons to call Getzschman Heating & Cooling before you can anyone else.

More than 50 Years of Experience

In the 50 years we have been in business, we have practically dealt with all problems whether that be heating or cooling. We’ve seen every problem and know exactly how to fix them. No matter the size of the problem, we’ve got in under control. But the most important thing we have learned in our 50+ years of experience is how to treat our customers. We know customer service and that can be proven with over 5 decades of happy customers.

Same Day Service

Our “on-demand” service is available whenever you need us. Heating and Cooling problems occupy 98% of our “on demand” calls. Whenever you experience a problem, we are ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee because we are confident in our work. So confident we include our guarantee in writing. Our way of earning your trust is by giving you no reason to doubt us. We can also custom build your ductwork and offer a lifetime ductwork guarantee. With a company that has been in service for 50+ years, we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We care about your home, your comfort and satisfaction, which is why we don’t consider the job done until you’re 100% satisfied.

Real People Answer Our Phones

No automated phone conversations of us! We believe good customer service starts with real people and real interactions. When you call us, no matter what day or time, you’ll speak to a real person.

2-Year Guarantee on Installations

When it comes to installations, we offer our G-Force Exclusive “Two Year Test Drive”. Meaning, you can have us install a new G-Force system and you can take a “test drive” for two years with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. On the slim chance you are not happy with the system, we will make it right or give you your money back.

Extra Savings Opportunities

Join our G-Force Planned Maintenance Program, and it will save you money. This program prolongs the life of your equipment and will save you money on your energy bills. These members will get priority service, discount on repairs and guaranteed appointments. 

The Best Technicians

Our technicians are trained in furnace repairs, AC repairs, and customer service too. We want you to feel comfortable in your home while our technicians are there. They will never curse or smoke in your home and will wear shoe covers to keep your floors clean.

Bonus Reason: We Care about the Community and Environment

Our technicians are all trained and certified for the reclamation of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) to protect the environment. A few different groups we help in the community include, supporting the Boy Scouts, Care Corps Inc, Homeless Shelters, and Habitat for Humanity.

So, if you have a heating or cooling problem and want hassle-free repairs, installation, and maintenance, there’s only one company to call that will truly put you first – Getzschman Heating & Cooling. Call us at (402) 554-1110 or contact us online today!

3 Signs It’s Time for a New Furnace

Time For A New FurnaceThere will come a time in the life of your furnace when it makes more sense to replace your existing furnace than repair it once again. A furnace will last from 15-20 years with good maintenance, and you may be at a stage where it makes more sense, financially, to replace a dying, inefficient furnace. If you are unsure, the team at Getzschman Heating and Cooling created this list of three signs to look for.

1. Your Furnace Breaks Down Frequently

One of the first signs that a furnace will probably need to be replaced is that your furnace is breaking down all the time. If you are spending more time calling for repairs than you are enjoying a warm home, you probably need a new furnace.  

2. Your Heat Isn’t Warm Enough

Sometimes a furnace that needs to be replaced won’t be able to heat your home properly. If you have the heat turned up but you are constantly cold, the efficiency of your furnace may be way down. It is going to cost you a lot of money in fuel to try to heat your home to a comfortable level when your furnace isn’t efficient.

3. Furnace Repair Costs Are High

If your furnace is hitting the 15-year mark and your repair costs are going to be more than a third of the cost of a replacement, it’s time to cut your losses and go with a new furnace. While you might pay for just one more repair to get a little more life out of your furnace, a repair that is more than a third of the cost is not recommended once your furnace is close to the end of its life expectancy. Get a free quote to find out how much it will cost to repair or replace your existing furnace.

To make the right decision, it’s important to have your furnace tuned up to see how efficiently it is currently running. Getzschman Heating & Cooling can provide you with the professional opinion you need when it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace your existing furnace.

Call us today at (402) 554-1110 and schedule a tune-up to determine the efficiency of your current furnace. Or fill out our online Request Service form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule your furnace service.

4 Tips to Save You Money on Your Heating Bills

Save Money on Heating Bills

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the cold, harsh weather that comes with it – and the strain that can put on your heating bill. Don’t break out the long-johns just yet, however. By following just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to keep your home nice and toasty without causing your heating bills to skyrocket. Here are four tips that will help you keep your heating bills nice and low this winter.

Control Your Vents Wisely

One great way to save money on your energy bills is to close off the vents to any rooms you don’t use regularly. If no one’s spending time in that guest bedroom, spare office, or storage area, why heat them? By shutting those vents, you’re allowing your furnace to focus on the rooms that do need heat. That means it won’t have to work nearly as hard to heat those rooms properly.

In the rooms that you are using, you’ll want to make sure those vents are open all the way. Vents that are only partially open force your furnace to work twice as hard to reach the desired temperature, wasting energy and money. Make sure no furniture or rugs are blocking the vents to ensure maximum airflow with minimum effort.

Check Your Insulation

Old, worn out, or missing insulation can’t function the way it’s meant to, which means precious heat is escaping your home without your knowledge. If you haven’t had it checked or replaced in a while, now’s the perfect time to get that taken care of. Because heat rises, the attic is typically the biggest culprit when it comes to heat escaping your home. Make sure yours is properly insulated.

Don’t forget to check the insulation on your heating ducts, as well. If they aren’t properly insulated, then heat can escape before it ever reaches your vents. This results in lost efficiency, wasted energy, and higher bills. This is especially important in unfinished areas of your home like basements.

Seal Up Those Cracks

Just like missing insulation, missing or cracked seals around your home can either let your heat seep out or cold air creep in. By properly sealing up your heating ducts, caulking around your windows, and installing strips to cover any gaps in your exterior doors, you’re helping to keep the hot air in and the cold air out — where they belong. Even electrical outlets and places where pipes enter your home can let a lot of warm air leak out.

Let The Sun Shine In

Even if it’s below freezing outside, the sun can still provide a great deal of warmth. By opening your curtains during the day when it’s sunny, you can easily raise the temperature in your house without having to crank up the thermostat! When the sun goes down, close the blinds and curtains to keep that heat inside.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to reduce your heating bills this winter, but even following just these simple tips can help reduce your heating bills noticeably. If you need help with your furnace, please give us a call at (402) 554-1110 or request service online.

Getzschman Heating and Air Is Proud to Be a Part of the Fremont Community

Fremont CommunityOur fine city of Fremont was recently named “Community of the Year” by Nebraska Diplomats. The city of Fremont was recognized at the Nebraska Diplomats Greater Omaha Regional Economic Development Celebration on Tuesday, February 14th, for their achievements in community growth and business partnerships. Governor Ricketts attended the luncheon and presented the award to Mayor Scott Getzschman.

Mayor Getzschman Is Very Proud

“It was extremely exciting to be singled out for the award,” said Getzschman. “We have a great staff, city council, and planning department that have contributed, but we can’t do this without the support and collaboration of partnerships like Greater Fremont Development Council and the Fremont Chamber. We are excited for the citizens of Fremont who can be proud of their community’s achievements and this recognition.”

Fremont Just Keeps Getting Better

Downtown Fremont Nebraska

“I’m really excited for the community as a whole,” said Garry Clark, executive director of the Greater Fremont Development Council. “The community has seen several projects take place in 2017 including efforts towards housing and infrastructure, and new companies that have landed here like the Costco|Lincoln Premium Poultry processing plant and most recently, Legacy Post & Beam. The future of Fremont is strong and vibrant. We are grateful for the governor and the Nebraska Diplomats’ recognition.”

The Nebraska Diplomats is a non-profit corporation that travels the globe representing Nebraska. They are the largest economic development organization in the state that helps to foster the growth of Nebraska.

At Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re proud to be a part of this wonderful community of people. Congrats to all the folks who live here for helping to make it great!