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Total Experience: 5 Stars                 Service: 5 Stars

Best service providers around!

On time, courteous, always clean up after themselves, provide information on what I can do to ensure the systems run properly, perform extra steps i.e., using water from the hot water heater drain to clear furnace drains, thereby eliminating that yearly maintenance procedure on my part.

Customer: Mike McQuade             Location: Omaha, NE               10-12-2017


Total Experience: 5 Star                Service: 5 Stars

Very satisfied

The tech was very prompt, polite, professional and was very willing to answer any and all questions that I had about preventative maintenance. Will definitely use again and will recommend them to friends and family.

Customer: Todd Lewis                   Location: Omaha, NE                 9-29-2017



Total Experience: 5 Stars                        Service: 5 Stars

Excellent products and service

I recently had my furnace and air conditioner replaced at the same time by Getzschman. The technicians were knowledgeable and did more than I expected. Specifically, they didn’t like the hoses extending from the old furnace to a basement drain about 15 feet away, so they strung a line over the air ducts to drain where my clothes washer drains. It’s a big improvement that I would not have known enough to ask for, and there was no extra charge. The installers were clearly experienced and worked very efficiently, finishing the installation in six hours. I also appreciate the “commissioning” service performed about two weeks after installation. Getzschman recognizes that factory settings will not work optimally in every house, so they came out and made adjustments to the air flow of my new units to suit my house. This was also done at no extra charge. It’s a great feeling to have excellent new systems that are working at top level.

Customer: Patrick Brennan                    Location: Omaha, NE              9-16-2017



Experience: 5 Stars             Service: 5 Stars

Always reliable

Getzschman’s has become my go to for hvac problems. They are friendly and polite from the start. Their service people find the problem quickly and get it fixed. It seems like the problems I’ve had since using them have been easier, but I think it is their skill that makes it look that way.

Customer: Teri Lebens                     Location: Omaha, NE                  8-23-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars             Service: 5 Stars

Always professional

Always professional, reasonable, have used them for several years, glad we found them.

Customer: Ed McClosky                     Location: Bellevue, NE                 8-2-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars              Service: 5 Stars

Friendly, thorough, and on time !

My heating and cooling units are 17 years old, and are still running as good as day 1 with credit going to Getzschman maintenance. In that time I’ve had only 1 service call, and that was handled promptly in extreme heat. I stay with Getzschman because I know I can depend on them for prompt, friendly service. When it comes time to replace my heating/cooling system, Getzschman’s will be doing it.

Customer: Rod Poe                                Location: Omaha, NE                 7-26-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars          Service: 5 Stars

Great experience

So, due to a bad install from another company the chiller unit in my 7 year old A/C unit was rusting out causing the drain to clog, went to unclog and clear debris and ended up breaking the chiller. Getzschman sent out a specialist who was frank and honest, told me he might be able to repair but would not be able to warrant the repair. Gave me the breakdown and a fair and honest price on replacing the chiller. I would and will recommend this company to my friends and co-workers!

Customer: Michael Johnson               Location: Bellevue, NE            7-14-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars          Service: 5 Stars

We would give Getzschman Heating a thumbs up all the way.

Getzschman Heating are very knowledgeable and courteous. We loved how they explain everything they tell you in detail so that you understand what is going on and how the problem can be solved. They answered all of our questions and looked over our furnace and air conditioner in all areas and gave us recommendations that were best for us. Getzschman Heating are looking out for you and what is best for your home”s needs and safety. Getzschman Heating do what they say they are going to do and do it the right way every time in a professional and timely manner.

Customer: Dean Mauer                       Location: Fremont, NE           7-5-17


Total Experience: 5 Stars          Service: 5 Stars

Checked on error code on split-type ac

The technician was the person who installed these units originally and was extremely knowledgeable about them. He was very thorough in his inspection. Although the error had corrected itself, I was glad to have someone who was an expert on this technology check it out!

Customer: Kip Hepfinger                 Location: Silver City, IA         6-19-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars        Service: 5 Stars

Great Experience

We have had several companies in town inspect and clean our furnace and air conditioner previously, but I usually felt like they were more interested in selling me a new one than in keeping ours functioning as long as possible. We had Getzschman check our AC now because we were so pleased with the furnace check last fall. Since both experiences were thorough with pleasant and efficient technicians, we signed up for the annual maintenance program. Most pleased!

Customer: Mark Carlson                Location: Omaha, NE            6-6-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars            Service: 5 Stars

Great Job.

Neat, Clean, Courteous, and completely professional Tech. I would like to request this man be my tech in the future. Thanks to the Mitsubishi Splits {3 units} we are able to control the quality and temperature of the interior of our home. Thanks to all at Getzschman.

Customer: Rick Spoerl                     Location: Ashland, NE         5-23-2017



Total Experience: 5 Stars            Service: 5 Stars

Installation of new HVAC

We needed a new furnace and A/C unit in our home and Getzschman was recommended. We could not be happier! From the appointment to select the new unit to the scheduling to the installation, the process was seamless! They were on-time and installation took as long as they said it would! Thank you Getzschman!

Customer: Scott Heuermann              Location: Roca, NE        5-15-2017



Total Experience: 5 Stars          Service: 5 Stars

Great service!   The technician was considerate, knowledgeable, and friendly. I feel confident that my heating and cooling system is in good working order!

Customer: Jane Rumbaugh        Location: Omaha, NE       5-10-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars           Service: 5 Stars

They have great people work for them, I have used them for ten years, I would not use any one else.

Customer: Gary Miller                 Location: omaha, NE    5-3-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars         Service: 5 Stars

Could not ask for better service.  Always there when you need them. Their maintenance program is worth the money and their techs are great and so is their office people.

Customer: Terry Sullivan        Location: wahoo, NE      4-18-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
Fast, efficient, and kind service

Easy to set up an appointment. The service tech was on time and pleasant. He answered all of my questions.

Customer: Francis Szynskie             Location: Omaha, NE 4-7-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
Very professional
Technicians are knowledgeable and have a professional attitude. Highly recommended.

Customer: Robyn Lein                      Location: Fremont, NE 3-28-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
Fast reliable service
Called on a Sunday morning when our furnace quit working. Was fixed in a few hours by friendly competent technician at a reasonable rate. Thanks again Getzschman Heating

Customer: Bob Dyer                                  Location: Papillion, NE 3-13-2017


Total Experience: 4 Stars Service: 4 Stars
Fast Service and Friendly Technician
Setting up a service call was easy and quick. The technician who performed the service was friendly and kept me informed of the progress. When he was finished, he went over his findings and was on his way.

Customer: Mike Wiese                                        Location: Omaha, NE 3-3-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
Excellent in all respects
Getzschman has been my heating and air conditioning company for many years. The service is excellent and prompt. A technician even came out several years ago on Christmas day when we had no heat.

Customer: Patricia Will                                        Location: Omaha, NE 2-21-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
I have had a wonderful experience using Getzschman Heating!
Last year I had to replace two systems, one at my residence and one at a rental property. Working with Getzschman was a excellent experience, the staff is professional and wonderful group of people to work with. The install was painless and the guys were great. I do the maintenance agreement with them and they are on time every time!

Customer: Frank Dolphen                                      Location: Omaha, NE 1-25-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
Emergency service
I had an emergency situation with my furnace, the blower was not working and the temperature outside was very cold. This occurred a week or two after my scheduled maintenance was completed. Getzschman sent out a technician as soon as possible, I did not have to wait very long for him to get to my house. He completed the repair quickly and efficiently. Because of the timing of the situation, labor cost was free. Thanks for the excellent service!

Customer: John Anderson                                           Location: Omaha, NE 1-17-2017


Total Experience: 5 Stars         Service: 5 Stars
Glad I went with this company
I’m so glad I went with this company. Everyone is professional and will answer each and every question with no hesitation. Two thumbs up.

Customer: Stefanie Teegarden                            Location: Omaha, NE     1-9-2017

Total Experience: 5 Stars     Service: 5 Stars
Great company
I have used Getzschman heating and air for years. They have always been fair and honest with me. They always put on shoe covers and treat my house like their own. I would highly recommend them.

Customer: Tom Ehly              Location: Omaha, NE      1-3-2017

Total Experience: 5 Stars         Service: 5 Stars
Professional service person, quality work, quick and efficient.

Clean, professional, service representative. Quality workmanship.

Customer: James Vickers         Location: Omaha, NE      12-6-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars     Service: 5 Stars
Excellent company
This was our first time using Getzschman Heating. We heard about them from a friend who had used them to put in a new air conditioner. The salesman that came out to give us a quote for a new heating/air conditioning unit was so impressive that we didn’t even bother to compare their prices with anyone else. We just said yes. The installers were friendly and very professional. I just have to say that everyone we came in contact with at this company, from the first person we spoke with on the phone, to the last person that left our house, was just such a pleasure to deal with. Any one of them could give classes on giving professional service to customers. We wish everyone we had to do business with were as wonderful as the people at Getzschmans were. We definitely recommend them. We will be using their service again.

Customer : Bev Armstrong           Location: Lyons, NE       11-20-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars     Service: 5 Stars
Very satisfied always
Serviceman on time, polite and does a good job. Have never had a problem or complaint on anything.

Customer: Myrna Deerson            Location: Arlington, NE       11-5-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars      Service: 5 Stars                                                                                                        Excellent company

This was our first time using Getzschman Heating. We heard about them from a friend who had used them to put in a new air conditioner. The salesman that came out to give us a quote for a new heating/air conditioning unit was so impressive that we didn’t even bother to compare their prices with anyone else. We just said yes. The installers were friendly and very professional. I just have to say that everyone we came in contact with at this company, from the first person we spoke with on the phone, to the last person that left our house, was just such a pleasure to deal with. Any one of them could give classes on giving professional service to customers. We wish everyone we had to do business with were as wonderful as the people at Getzschmans were. We definitely recommend them. We will be using their service again.

Customer: Bev Armstrong        Location: Lyons, NE   10-20-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
A Positive Experience
I know about Getzschman Heating because they are a well known company in the area. This was my first experience with the company and they did a professional job installing for me a new central air conditioning and furnace unit inside of my home. I thought the prices were very good. Later on this week a technician is coming out to check up on the unit to make sure it’s functioning at its optimal level. Potential customers should know that Getzschman Heating has a competent staff that does exactly what they say they’re going to do.

Customer: Steve Henderson Location: Oakland , NE 10-6-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
Quick Service
My husband knew about Getzschman Heating from his employer. However, there was a hail storm and I needed my AC unit to be replaced with a new one. The company provided us with quick service; for instance, the estimate and installment took only a week to complete. I thought the prices were pretty on target plus the insurance company seemed to honor Getzschman Heating quote. I would recommend this company to others.

Customer: Stefanie Schmitz’s Location: Omaha, NE 9-26-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
I Had A Positive Experience
Getzschman Heating replaced the old AC and heating unit. We’ve used them before on the old unit for maintenance. The technicians are quick, good and honest. Prices are comparable and it’s an investment so it will pays off in the end. I would recommend this company to other people.

Customer: Frank Castillo Location: Fremont , NE 8-23-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
I’ve Had A Good Experience
We’ve been using Getzschman Heating for many years and I like their service compared to their competitors. Recently, I got a new AC and furnace unit and everything is working just fine. I would recommend this company to other people in the area.

Customer : Richard Kruse Location: Council Bluffs, IA 7-22-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
I would do it again if I could, they did a great job!

Getzschman Heating came in and installed a new heating and cooling unit in our home and everything turned out perfectly. The person who installed it knew what he was doing and I’ve already recommended them to a friend, who is getting a new HVAC unit installed soon. Before choosing Getzschman Heating, I had called another company and their prices were very high. They also didn’t explain the rebates to us and we thought Getzschman did a much better job at giving us a detailed explanation. I’m happy we chose them and I can’t say enough nice things about their company.

Customer: Bonnie D Location: Omaha, NE 7-6-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
Great service and install.
Well everything was very well done, the service was well done the installers were very polite and worked very quickly and it really was a pleasure doing business with Getzschman Heating. They installed both air conditioning and heating units for me and everything went as expected. I would use them again and I have already recommended them to others.

Customer: David Cunningham Location: Omaha, NE 6-30-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
They are very fair and care about what they are doing
I’ve had Getzschman Heating for many years and have never had a bad experience ever. They are just trustworthy, they are nice to my dogs, and they are very polite and pretty personable for the most part. They always insist on wearing covers on their shoes. When I tell them that they don’t have to, they say yes–we have to wear the covers. They are very good at what they do and everything goes smoothly. I left three of them here by themselves and felt totally fine about that. They installed two Getzschman-brand air conditioners and also two furnaces, and I found their prices to be fair.

Customer: Jeri Homolka Location: Waterloo, NE 6-20-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
A Positive Experience

Getzschman Heating came out and cleaned all of our ducts and put in both a new AC unit and furnace. The results are good. The technicians were very friendly and considerate. They did a really good job. Fair prices as well. I had a nice experience with Getzschman Heating.

Customer: Ron Wolkens Location: West Point , NE 6-9-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
Great service and workers.

Well Getzschman Heating was very courteous and they even apologize for being about 5 minutes late in the morning and that was nothing because the highway was very backed up. We couldn’t have been happier with the service, they installed the new heating and air units with no trouble at all. They were prompt as well, they gave us the estimate on Friday and they had it in on Tuesday. They also went out of their way to clean up well, we were just very happy with them.

Customer: Larry Nolte Location: Springfield, NE 5-24-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
We Love Them!

Getzschman Heating came out to install a new AC unit. The customer service was unbelievable. Corey sold us the unit and he knew everything about the product. He informed us on how the the product will operate – what to expect and what the maintenance would entail. A previous company told us that we would need to replace our heating unit and Corey informed us that that wouldn’t be necessary. He saved us money in the long run. Prices are fair. I can’t say enough good things about this company; if you’re looking for a trustworthy company with knowledgeable competent employees contact Getzschman Heating!

Customer Ronald P. Location: Omaha, NE 5-19-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
Professional, quick and showed up on time.

Getzschman Heating was very good. They were professional in the installation of my heating and air system. This was my first time reaching out to this company, I think I heard about them on the radio, actually and they did not disappoint. They were timely, quick and showed up when they were supposed to.

Customer: Noel H. Location: Springfield, NE 5-10-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
My experience with Getzschman’s new HVAC system installation was excellent

Getzschman Heating’s technicians came here in the rain and installed both the furnace and the AC system. They installed it and you couldn’t really tell they were here because they picked up the old equipment and their boxes–they picked up everything. And, they did all the work in six hours. I interviewed six companies and their price was better than average; they were not the lowest, but they were better than average.

Customer : Raymond P. Location: Bellevue, NE 5-4-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
Great service. Good system.

I was very happy with Getzschman Heating. I feel like they weren’t pushy, they were prompt, they were fast and they did great job explaining the system and how everything should be working. The installers were polite, respectful and seemed like good people. We have been very happy with the new heating system they installed and the people they sent out.
Customer: Risa R. Location: Bellevue, NE 4-5-2016

Total Experience: 5 Stars      Service: 5 Stars
Great work and install of new units.

Getzschman Heating installed a new furnace and air conditioning unit for us, they showed up on time did what they were supposed to do and they finished everything up in a day. They did a great job of cleaning after they were done and keeping it clean during the process. I would recommend them to others.
Customer: Suzanne K       Location: Omaha, NE

Total Experience: 5 Stars      Service: 5 Stars
Great first experience!

Getzschman Heating put in the works- furnace, air conditioning, humidifier, and a new thermostat. We were very happy with everything. We got a great deal on the prices and it was a lot better than I even thought it would be. We had no idea what it was going to cost but we felt really good about the prices. Cory was the one who came out the day we decided we were going to buy everything, and he explained the whole experience to us before we decided to buy. Russ was the installer who came up here and installed the thermostat, and he showed us the thermostat before he put it in and explained everything. They made it pretty clear everything they were doing and made it really easy for us. We have never had anything like this done before, so that was nice. They gave us peace of mind. I would definitely recommend anybody to use their service; everybody at Getzschman Heating was courteous and knowledgeable, and I thought the prices we got were very fair.
Customer: Randal L     Location: Omaha, NE

Total Experience: 5 Stars    Service: 5 Stars
“I highly recommend using Getzschman Heating as a solution with any HVAC needs.  I had 5 companies come out to my house to quote a solution to fix the airflow to my basement issue as well as balance and tune my furnace.  Getzschman offered more expertise, a better solution, and cost effective ways to improve the performance of my unit.  Jeff and his team were very knowledgeable and friendly, you can’t go wrong with Getzschman!”
Customer: Brad  Location: Omaha, NE

Total Experience: 5 Stars    Service: 5 Stars
Someone I would recommend.

Getzschman Heating is a well respected business. They installed my furnace at a fair price. The service tech was very professional and prompt. His work was good, and I have been very happy with the furnace. It has been working properly without issue. I will continue to use, and recommend them.
Customer: Bill R     Location: Blair, NE

Total Experience: 5 Stars    Service: 5 Stars
Good work and I enjoyed them being here

The technicians at Getzschman Heating do a good job and clean up after themselves. They recently installed a furnace, removing the old one and taking it with them. One of the techs came to repair the furnace, and figured it couldn’t be repaired. The guy who installed the new furnace was polite, courteous and quick. The work took five to six hours and the price for the job was fair.
Customer: John B    Location: Carter Lake, IA

Total Experience: 5 Stars   Service: 5 Stars

Getzschman Heating installed a new heating and air unit in my home less than a week ago. The service was excellent. The person who did the installation was fantastic. He was on time and able to answer my questions. He explained the unit and it’s operation. We have yet to have any issues with it. If we do, there is a warranty for service and maintenance.
Customer: John M       Location: Omaha, NE

Total Experience: 5 Stars    Service: 5 Stars
Good, professional company.

My experience with Getzschman Heating was good. Both the service and the experience overall went well. They installed a new heating system for me. The prices were expensive, but comparable to what other businesses charge. The technician who did the installation was professional and thorough. He arrived on time, and did a good job with the installation. He explained the unit and it’s operation thoroughly. I am happy with it so far.
Customer: Larry B       Location: Leshara, NE

Total Experience: 5 Stars       Service: 5 Stars
Prompt, efficient, and pleasant service.

We have used Getzschman Heating for 21 years and have always been satisfied. They come for annual checkups, and recently they found cracks in both our furnaces. They came out and took them that night, and by the next morning we had a new furnace. It was fast, wonderful service. They did the first one on Friday and came back on Monday to put the other one in. The technician came out at 8:45 at night- he was on his way home and had been in the area- and he went out of his way to help us out. The serviceman who does our annual checkup is wonderful too. They both acted quickly when they found a problem. I have always been pleased with them, and it just shows that they step up to the front. We have stayed with them for 21 years because you can always count on them coming when they say they are going to be here. They come, do the job, and stand behind you in an emergency.
Customer: Michael O        Location: Omaha, NE

Total Experience: 5 Stars    Service: 5 Stars
Very professional.

Getzschman Heating had come on a Saturday to look at our furnace, and found an issue with it. They returned Monday to replace it and install a new AC system. Our main concern had been timeliness and they were able to get the work done efficiently in one day. The techs were very professional. They showed up on time, explained their work, and showed us how to operate the units properly. We have had no issues with their work or the systems. They are under a service warranty in case there are any issues and we need their help. The price we paid was good.
Customer: Gordon R        Location: Omaha, NE

Total Experience: 5 Stars       Service: 5 Stars
I wouldn’t look anywhere else.

Getzschman Heating has been servicing our heating units for a couple of years. They have done everything from installation to maintenance and replacements. They are amazing at everything.They are professional, polite, and friendly. Getting service is never a problem because they are so responsive. I have never had any issues with the products they use or their workmanship. The techs always explain their process or any issues so we know what to avoid. They will also give us tips and recommendations on the care and maintenance of our system. I have no complaints about their prices which have always been reasonable.
Customer: Barbara D          Location: Blair, NE



We were very pleased with how Andy presented your products. Getzschman have a very rapid response time! We called Andy on Thursday and the new system was installed on a Friday! Great service and very courteous service guys!

T Meduna

I was very impressed with Steve & Scott- especially with their helpfulness & willingness to locate air returns where they would work the best for us- even though the house construction made it a little difficult. Also with positioning our A/C unit in a more aesthetic position! Much appreciated! Also very pleased with how helpful your office staff has been with my questions, etc.

E & S Basch

You’re the best in the County! Russ was awesome!! He was friendly & courteous.

L Radloff

Tim & Jason were absolutely wonderful! I felt like I was inviting my own guests into my home, not technicians who were there just for work. They were very careful around my belongings while cleaning the Duct System and they didn’t seem to mind when my son or dogs accidentally got in their way.

J Stoll

Getzschman have been in business for a long time and they seemed honest and dependable!

A Wisdom

I would recommend Getzschman for anyone interested in Geo-Thermal Heat. They have provided good service for the past 20 years!

D & J Jordan

We have had good service for the past 20 Years!

D & J Jordan

We wanted someone we knew would be around in case there would be a problem down the road. Seems like people have good things to say about Getzschman’s replacing of Systems and for HVAC repairs!

G & S Martinez

I received 6 quotes and I felt as if this was the best overall value. Corey did a nice job in the sales process and identified that we would meet our needs with a 4 Ton unit versus a 5 Ton unit we were quoted by other companies! Russ & Scotty really did a nice job during the install. They were efficient, courteous and extremely professional! To this point I have been very pleased with my interpretation with all of your employees & your company!

S Lyness

I chose you because you guys are on call 24/7. You installed our Air Conditioning System in August and you were Prompt & Professional. The above says it all! S Roach
The techs were knowledgeable and professional! Nice Clean Install! Thanks!

A Calhoun

I’ve used Getzschman for years. I feel they are honest and trustworthy. Corey did an amazing job! Fabulous price and service!

J Dunn

I have been a customer for about 18 Years. Your service has always been excellent! Russ, Jeff & Josh are friendly, neat, clean and explain things to you! Scott is also very good!

J Christiansen

We always use local people when we can. Your company has a very good reputation in Fremont and we were very pleased when you opened a Blair Office! Service people were Jason & Jimmy. The service people were efficient, clean, and very professional and explained everything happening with our old furnace and answered all the questions about the new one! The work was done (the Installation of the new furnace) the next day. The sales representative Corey was on time, also very professional, polite and gave us several options to choose from and some helpful suggestions. Excellent Service!

B & T Ramsey

Our Duct System had never been cleaned for 80 Years! You did great work and were extremely Professional from the get go!

E Timmerman

Tim, Jason & Jimmy were very great at their jobs & being thorough on explaining everything to me on my Duct Cleaning. They were clean, neat, tidy & very polite! They worked hard and showed me before & after helping me become educated on the process & understanding how everything works! If I had to recommend Getzschman, I would recommend Tim & Jason to be the team to do the work along with Jimmy! Great Guys that are spreading the company name in a GREAT WAY! Keep it up!

N Payne

I’ve used Getzschman for my yearly maintenance & had used them to replace my Furnace & A/C in a different house 3 ½ Years ago! My parents used them in the summer of 2013 for their new Furnace & A/C. Corey came out promptly after the service techs were unable to fix my old unit! (I was able to get same day service which was great!) The day after Corey quoted me, the Heat Pump was being installed. Russ & Scotty work well together & were prompt. Awesome Service!

K Hartrell

We have been using Getzschman Heating since they started business about 50 years ago. There were just two people then – Smith & Getzschman- A Great Success Story!

E Ryder

Pricing was very competitive. While researching on line most problems with any system installation were due to poor installation! I felt the installers had extensive experience and the Getzschman employees were the key to my decision!

S Darden

I’ve used Getzschman for years on my Commercial Properties and Residential Installations!

S Morine

The Duct Cleaning was the last step in an entire home remodel! From our point of view, all was perfect in every way! Keep up the great work!

D & S Monke

My Service One Repairman recommended Getzschman Heating! Just keep doing what you’re doing! Every one of your service men we’re thoughtful and polite!

J Fenstermacher

We have had a G-Force Maintenance Membership with Getzschman for years, receiving excellent service and wouldn’t even consider purchasing from another company! Corey did a fantastic job of explaining options and made us feel very comfortable! The techs that installed were also very professional & did a super job!

A & M Strasil

We chose Getzschman for our last Heat Pump install 14 years ago & trusted their workmanship!

R Stairs

We have had a maintenance agreement with you for years. You have cleaned our Ducts before & put in our Central Air Unit many, many years ago!

S. Nelson

Whenever we have called for help you folks have always been there to help us out! Thank your boys for the good job they have done for us, putting in our New Equipment. You installed a Furnace, Air Conditioner and Water Heater! Thank You!

O & G Boies

We have contracted with Getzschman for maintenance for many years and we can always be sure that we will always have prompt and professional service!

R Bender

I have a Maintenance Agreement and was pleased with the past service. Corey did a nice job selling the new system. I felt I could trust Getzschman to stand behind their products.

R Hilburn

Technician was polite, knowledgeable & represented himself as a pro! I have always received top of the line service-why look for anyone else when you have the best!

D. Hirschman

Getzschman is the best in the area and we have used their services for the last 20 Years!

L Hintz

We had you install our heat pump 14 years ago and were very pleased with you then as well as now! Great Job! We were very pleased with all aspects of your service! We will use you again if the need arises!

J Olson

I want to express my sincere thanks to you and your installation team for going the extra mile to get the new system installed today. Your team is very professional. They did an excellent job installing the system, removing the old system, and they also did a great job cleaning up when they were done. I really appreciate the extra effort that it took to get this done as I understand that you guys are already very busy. My wife was/is surprised, impressed and very happy to come home from work to a cool house. She will definitely be speaking highly of Getzschman to the people that she comes across and works with! Thank You again for getting this done so quickly. It’s nice to see that there are companies that will provide a high level of customer service! I really do appreciate it! Thanks Again!

G & P Blank

I choose Getzschman because I was given a quick response & bid. Andy took the time to explain, compare & answer questions. He did not pressure me. I told him we were also getting other bids and he was very helpful. Everything was prompt & the installation went well!

K Stoll

Explanation of product was excellent and the best value. We love our new Furnace & Air Conditioner. Thank you Russ & Jeff you were very professional & courteous. Highly recommend you!

J Combs

We have done business with you for several years and have been pleased with service and response time!

CR Bell

Steve and Scott were very knowledgeable professional and courteous and answered all my questions!

V Twyford

We had other estimates and Getzschman prices came in as the best option for us!

A Miller

We have always been G-Force Maintenance Members and Andy was incredibly helpful in helping us obtain the insurance money for our new Air Conditioner. He went above & beyond, working with chasing the insurance company down for us! I’m convinced we wouldn’t have been able to get a new air conditioning unit if you hadn’t been or advocate. We so appreciate all the work you did in taking photos, making calls & sending emails to our insurance company on our behalf. You explained everything clearly to us, kept us in the loop every step of the way, & ensured us a prompt solution, not to mention made us feeling like valued customers. You’re genuine & thorough care left quite an impression. Thank You, Andy!

JD & H Hall

Getzschman has taken care of our in house climate for years. They have always done a very good job and been professional and courteous! I can’t believe how quickly they can change out the Complete System and how easy the installation crew it to get along with and how friendly they are!

S Miles

Getzschman have maintained our System for over 10 Years so there was no reason to change or look elsewhere when we needed a new Heating & Cooling System!

T McShane

I chose you because I remembered the Getzschman Name, I’m from the Fremont area and I also saw you were listed on Angie’s List. The Installation was completed the day after the estimate, Great Job!

D Sweeney

Thank You for taking time to keep me and my two pets warm! Thank You up front for no BS or trying to sell me things I don’t need!

A Allen

Best sales experience, consistency in company mission & message, integrity, product warranties, service contract, especially the guarantees! Excellent job all around!

E Hawkins & M Grilli

Service Members were very professional and courteous. They cleaned up afterwards, where you never knew they were there!

J & L Jeffers

We chose Getzschman because of Fred’s Service; if I were younger I’d adopt him.

L & J Godown

I chose Getzschman because of Angie’s List & a Co-Worker suggested that it was a good company!

T Johnson

Loved the great service, “nice & helpful techs” and I love my new Furnace!

D Powers

Getzschman provide the best value, which to me is the best combination of competitive pricing, quality equipment and quality installation!

D Niebur

We have used Getzschman for years and when we bought a different house we chose to keep using Getzschman because of their honesty and service! We trust their Technicians!

D & M Mahlendorf

We have been customers for several years and I have always been very happy with the service provided by your company and technicians!

J & J Dickerson

We have been on your team since the mid 90’s and your guys are knowledgeable, courteous and clean!

T O’Dell

We did not experience any high pressure selling when we met! Rather a comfortable conversation that was informative and felt forthcoming and honest. Steve & Jeff were very conscientious! As a homemaker with a young son their respectful behavior and kindness toward my son and I were very reassuring!

K & A Holz

Duct Cleaning is something you think about from time to time but you usually don’t follow through with your thoughts? Year after Year go by without having it done? It is surprising how much dirt accumulates in the Ductwork of your home!

D Bauers

I chose Getzschman because of their courteous workers and their professionalism. Thank You for a Job well done!

J Laughlin

We were very impressed with your carefulness and your cleanliness of your workers! The installation is finished, cleaned up, looks great and it works!

W Kessler

We saw your Ad in Valpak. We contacted 3 companies for bids. Corey was courteous & listened to what we wanted. The bid included more features than we thought we could afford. We appreciate the honest salesman! Your installation team was courteous, clean and answered any questions we had. Very impressed with the service! Corey’s follow-up visit to ensure all systems were performing at peak efficiency let’s a homeowner know you stand behind your product!

C & T Davis

We chose Getzschman because of the prompt and quality service they provide! Russ & Jeff were very courteous, knowledgeable and completed the job before I expected. Great workmanship and expertise! I especially appreciated their early arrival (as requested). We all appreciated Andy your comfort consultant!

V. Lippoldt

I have utilized your company for the last few years and we are extremely satisfied with your employees work so I did not feel the need to go with any other company! I appreciate how quietly and efficiently that your agents work and how polite they are at all times. Although I don’t look forward to future problems, I know that I can rely on your company to quickly resolve them if they come up!

H McMullan

Installers did a great job and explained things throughout the process! Previous experience with service technicians convinced me that Getzschman was a trustworthy company!

M Kratochvil

I chose Getzschman because of your advertising on KFAB and references from others! Corey was straight to the point. We were very satisfied and I liked the fact that Corey actually verified the system capacities!

C Bryan

We had a few companies out to give us some quotes and ideas of how to solve our Heating & Cooling issues? Corey was very knowledgeable and not pushy at all. We ultimately went the Ductless System because of the Two Year Warranty. I was extremely pleased with the care your technicians took to not track any dirt or mud into our home! They are the only company that has ever done this?

C Peterson

I chose Getzschmans because I wanted the best to install my new system! I have always recommended Getzschmans to all of my family, friends and even my Co-Workers at my place of business.

M. Norwood

I highly recommend Getzschmans, they go above and beyond my expectations and the quality of their work is superlative. You can’t go wrong with Getzschmans!

M. Simonson

I received several estimates but Getzschmans price compared to most but the salesman took the time to explain everything! Very Professional! I was preferred by a former customer! Installers Tom & Doug were very professional!

R. Schultz

Installation was timely, efficient and cleanup outstanding!

S. Johns

We were very satisfied and impressed by your representative Andy and by the two men who installed and the electrician who followed up! They were very prompt, courteous and very professional.

B&G Kruse

We received two quotes- The pricing was comparable-However we liked your representative’s approach and explanations!

R&L Bohn

I chose Getzschmans Heating because of their reputation, reasonable price and good BB Bureau Rating.

T. Schlick

No one but Getzschmans has ever touched our two old WaterFurnace Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps! I expect that situation to continue! I can hardly believe that in one day your techs removed two old Geo Units and installed 2 New Waterfurnace Geo Units!

J&P Donelan

Russ and his partner went out of their way to ensure the job was done properly! They did an excellent job! Getzschmans has taken care of us for over 20+ Years!

R. Ross & D. Kraft

We chose Getzschmans because of past positive experience; we installed a Heat Pump thru Getzschmans with another house we owned! We like someone local servicing our equipment. We recommend them to anyone who needs service or equipment!

S. Krueger

Business or Home Getzschmans is a great company to work with. I chose Getzschmans because of their service, price and professional care!

H. Looby

Getzschmans had the best deal in town & I really like how they explain and showed me everything they do!

D. LeGrande

Getzschmans has the Technicians every customer hopes they’ll get. Offered good assessment of equipment, and options of maintaining or replacement!

R. Poe

Getzschmans put in a new furnace last fall and I didn’t hesitate to call them for my new Air Conditioner! I had no problem not being home during the install! I also like that when I call Getzschmans someone answers the phone and I don’t have to push a dozen buttons to talk to someone!

J. Studnicka

We chose Getzschmans because you have always exceeded our expectations. You are not the cheapest, just the most reliable! Love the friendly, professional people!

K&R Grosse

Originally we just wanted a ballpark number on what it would cost for a new furnace and Air Conditioner. I sent E-Mails to three or four heating and air contractors and Getzschmans was the only one that responded!

S&C Oberg

I heard about Getzschmans on the local sports radio! I also had a friend that was happy with the work you did for them! Every employee we spoke with was helpful and knowledgeable! We felt comfortable leaving our home while they were installing! We were happy with the Quickness and cost to install!

L&R Gustafson

Other estimates were lengthy and confusing, Andy was easy to understand! York was a readily recognized brand and your installers were knowledgeable and reflected a very strong work ethic!

R. McMahon

Our old furnace was installed by Getzschmans 20 Years ago! We had a new furnace installed 24 Hours after we called Getzschmans. We feel that is excellent service!

J&J Wiesen

I chose Getzschmans because of the company reputation and a family member referral! Doug and his partner had wonderful customer service skills, commendable product and Industry knowledge! They arrived on time, were done in a timely & efficient manner! I felt very comfortable leaving them “with my house keys”

W&K Gustafson

Before my husband and I were married he lived in Fremont, NE. and had been using Getzschmans Services back at that time. After we were married and bought the house we currently live in, we needed someone to come out and service our Heating and Air. He recommended using Getzschmans. That was in 2006. Since then we have continued to retain Getzschmans services and have never had a single complaint. Our main reason for continuing to use Getzschmans services is specifically due to the courteous and professional manner in which each of their technicians portrays. We want to thank past technicians as well as Comfort Advisor, Corey Osborn, and all of the technicians who installed our new system, as well as the technicians that performed our duct cleaning. It was a job well done!! S&B Johnson We appreciate the service. We called Thursday morning and that evening we signed for a new unit. 7:15 Friday they were here and by 2:00 P.M. we had Air Conditioning and really appreciate it! Thanks Again!

D&B McGabe

I chose Getzschmans because of your reputation! Just keep doing what you’re doing! We liked the fact that we could leave for work after the installers arrived and trusted them to be here alone and that they locked up our house when they were done before we got home. You’re Representative Andy was very helpful and provided us choice’s that would best fit our needs in regards to size of equipment.

. J&K Huff

A Getzschman Service Tech (Scott) drove from Fremont, NE. to Glenwood, IA. On a cold winter night at midnight to get us heat-UNBELIEVABLE! Keep up the good work! This service is a rare commodity in today’s environment! Thank You!

V. Nissen

I just recently purchased a maintenance contract with Getzschmans and also received an estimate for a new system. I have been very impressed with the technician’s knowledge and concern for excellent customer service! Getzschmans surpasses any heating and Air Conditioning service I have ever used in the past!

R. Atwood

If all the installers are like Steve and Mike your business will certainly GROW, GROW, GROW! Also your Comfort Consultant Andy did an excellent job of informing me of the codes for the Heating System…Actually he was very useful in helping me make the final decision with you folks rather than with the other 2 bids I collected!

L. Steele

I have been using Getzschmans for years and have been very happy! Thanks for all the good work you guys do!

S. Bowland

I have been a customer of Getzschmans for over 30 Years!

G&S Bernhard

I chose Getzschmans because of the beautiful service we get!!

S. Brodersen

I have been a customer for 9 or 10 years and always received great service. Your receptionist and office staff are always anxious to help and are prompt in forwarding messages to your personal. The guys who have worked here are clean, look good, are courteous and we trust them!

L. Nehrmann

Very pleased with your customer service… COURTEOUS!! The lady who scheduled us was very patient and helpful!

J&J Brown

Getzschmans are an authorized Lennox Dealer; we are more than satisfied with the proposal for the installing of the new Furnace. (Very friendly meeting) Your techs arrived on a bad wintery morning, with some outside work to do. They installed the Furnace in 5 ½ hours. Great job on the installation! The techs, Tom S. and Mike F. couldn’t have been more courteous and Mike F. couldn’t have been more courteous or knowledgeable. Kind of like Old home week before they finished!

L. Gross

I chose Getzschmans because of their Reputation and being Locally Owned. I would however request Tom, Jeff and Gale again for any work needed. They were all extremely professional & knowledgeable. If the rest of your crews are like these 3 you are very lucky!

M. Kincanon

I have had other companies service our system before and Getzschmans Employees were in my opinion were more knowledgeable and friendly! They did a great Job!

C. Tucker

The technicians were very friendly and answered all of our questions. They put everything back in its place and were very neat about their work, and were very expedient!

B. Ruwe

The gentlemen who worked in our home were professional and very courteous. They are to be commended for a job well-done and great service. What an outstanding team to represent your company!

J. Paul

When we purchased the home 4 Years ago Getzschman Heating had installed the current system & we have continued to have it serviced ever since!

T. Gammel

We have used Getzschmans for Years and have always been pleased!

N. Goldapp

Our experience with Getzschman Heating has always given us exceptional technical as well as professionalism we expect from a service company. Our experience has always been of quality, no hassles and courteous service. This service is hard to find in today’s world! We have always given Getzschman’s our referrals to everyone we know of or who are experiencing a bad situation with a current Heating and Air Conditioning Company. We are confident in our recommendations or we wouldn’t do it! Russ and Tom are excellent Installers! “Great Job” Continue to do what you’re doing with prompt, professional, expert technical service and you’ll always be the company of choice! Quality is hard to come by in the service industry. Continue to always back your service as you do, if not always done correct the first time!

T. Strouf

I chose Getzschmans because of how they were very professional in how they checked the house and measured everything and explained everything to help us decide on what type of equipment we needed.

T. Lallman

I had been having a lot of problems with my furnace. It usually happened on the weekends and in the evenings. This didn’t matter to your company. Someone came out ASAP and didn’t leave until the job was done. Getzschmans has the most kind, courteous, and genuine employees of any company I have ever been exposed to from the receptionist to the techs and its top-notch customer service. I’m honored to b a customer! Thanks! Russ, Tom & Mike!!

D. Coun

You gave us more options on how to heat and cool our home properly that your competitors didn’t offer. Installation was well planed so we were not left without heat during the winter months. The guys were fantastic in getting the job done, cleaned everything up, and explained our new systems clearly. It was an A+ job.

J & A Barton

I think you have trained your employees very well. They are informative answering our questions and explain exactly what they are doing! They were friendly and very neat. Thank You! I’m very glad we chose you!

M & S Dean

Our parents are customers and have always had great customer service. We wanted honest, good technicians and that’s what we received!

M & L Nicholson

Russ, David & Crew did a great job installing and cleaning up! They took great care with our dogs too! Kevin gave us great information with which we could make our decision- we trusted him!

R & C Ehlinger

You installed our last furnace and I thought you were very professional and complete. I thought your people were very courteous and very prompt and the job looked very well done! I have had people do other work here and I thought your people were well above the others! Thank You Very Much!

D. Johnson

Service seems to be a lost art now a day’s, but your company is great! Installers worked very hard and efficiently to get us heat. They were polite and courteous.

J. Kannedy

I have dealt with Getzschmans for 30 Years and have always been happy with their work.

J. Stranghoener

We chose Getzschmans because of the professionalism displayed by the technician last fall in servicing our old furnace and his attitude when explaining why we should consider replacing the furnace without pressuring us to consider his company. Also the comfort Advisor we bought from was very thorough and professional. Keep up your good work and excellent customer service!

S & G Miller

We know several people who have done business with you and had only heard good things!

R & A Leonard

Russ & David (Our Installers’) showed up right on time and were very courteous and patient with our questions. They were very efficient and literally left No Clean-Up for us to do. We enjoyed their humor and friendly manner while in our home. No problems at all! Hassle-Free and enjoyable experience, we are referring a friend to you who needs a Heating & A/C System soon.

N Averill & J Lee

I was very impressed in having 2 units installed in one day. The installers did not stop for a lunch break but continued until the installation was complete. Very organized Crew!

B & K Kalisek

Brian, Steve and Mike were the best, kindest, most courteous professionals I have ever seen! Brian offered a portable heater upstairs that kept me and the baby warm! They also hooked up the heat vent to the bathroom! I was so happy! Thanks for the extras and special attention! You’re Awesome!

M Keyser

Customer Service is a must and your company employees complete all five steps, that I have been taught. They are courteous, make a person feel welcome, take care of their business, answered all my questions and always end the visit with a thank you!

M Turner

It’s nice to do business with a company that has professional employees, kind and helpful. I appreciate how nicely they cleaned up…. Do you clean houses?

S Freund

We chose Getzschmans because of their reputation for quality, service and workmanship. Keep doing what you are doing. The fact that when we called on a Saturday and a person answered and we did not get an answering machine is a huge asset for you!

L & RA Jensen

Your quick response from Mr. Cunard, your guarantees and the amount of work exceeded what I thought I was getting! It was a good installation that was done right!

M McCoy

I have been very pleased with your men who come to my house. The men were Pleasant, Well Mannered and Friendly. They do their work and finish with cleanliness. I’m so glad my sister referred you to me!

S& M Dean

Getzschmans gave me extensive explanation of options. I wanted to consider prior experience, thorough service work and responsiveness. B. Andersen Service is wonderful; your workers were very kind and respectful!

T & S Wymore